The Horridly Historic tour of Canterbury operates every day from May 25th to July 30th (except during public holidays and in cases of extremely bad weather). The tour is suitable for children but under 13's must be accompanied by an adult.


Prices              ADULTS - £15.00

                      CHILDREN - £5.00

                      CONCESSIONS - £5.00


start time        THE TOUR STARTS AT 10am and 3pm

duration          THE TOUR LASTS  APROX 1 HOUR , 30 MINUTES


meet at          THE OLD BUTTERMARKET

                    CANTERBURY, KENT CT1 2HW

Tour Information

 John has an amazing knowledge of local history particularly with all things spooky and macabre!  You will be entertained, educated and delighted as you join him

on his latest tour of Canterbury to explore the dark side

of this wonderfully historic town.

Owen Drew the "notorious highwayman"


Owen worked along the Sturry Road

in the city in 1726, and having been captured he had his ear nailed to a hitching post and was given a knife

to defend himself. Rather than waiting

for release the next morning, he

cut his own ear off to escape and

bled to death closet o the old

Northgate in Canterbury.


Just one of the many fascinating

stories that you'll hear as you

join the Horridly Historic Tour.

A sneak preview!

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Your guide

Your guide for the

Horridly Historic tour is none less than John Hippisley, the legendary

Canterbury Ghost Hunter. John is an eminent local historian and author whose larger than life personality has been delighting visitors

of his award winning `Canterbury Ghost Tour' for over 20 years.

CALL 0845 519 0267


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